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New! eEdge Alerts and Marketing Stats

New! eEdge Alerts and Analytics

eEdge has added a few, exciting new features in the past months. First, all agents can now receive a daily summary of contacts that visit the website the previous day. Make sure this is enabled in the eEdge back office under “Activity Alerts.”

Even better, marketing and campaign emails are now tracked by eEdge so agents can view which contacts have opened and/or clicked on links within the emails. If you haven’t checked out this new feature, you should! In the eEdge back office, click on “sent items” under “Email & Reminders” Clicking on “view stats” will show you which contacts opened your email and which ones also clicked on the links in the email.

This is a great way to make constructive changes to your campaigns and marketing. Are your clients more interested in This Month in Real Estate, or new listing blasts? Analyze your click rates to streamline your marketing. 

Quickie Tip Video: What you should know about eEdge marketing

So, you’re using your marketing. GREAT! However, some of your emails may not be seen by clients as you intended. Links that you put into your eEdge marketing and campaign emails are not clickable on iPhones or iPads. Also, some email clients block emails that only contain image files. Learn how to circumvent these issues and get more business in this 5 minute video.

by Britten Treder, Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder

Create a Facebook Business Page


Watch Part 1:                                                                                      Watch Part 2:


Create a Facebook business page

Have you been thinking about creating a FB Business page but aren’t sure how to start? Still using your personal page for Real Estate related posts? Watch the video above to learn how to create a Facebook business page, add contacts and start posting! Read below to find out why you should have a Business page in addition to your personal page.

Why have a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and your client base. It’s easy to share articles, photos of new listings and news from your computer or mobile phone. Lots of people use Facebook regularly (as opposed to regular use of LinkedIn or Google+) 

Pros of creating a dedicated business page vs. using your personal page

Pros of the business page:
1. Keep business separate from your personal life. You don’t want all your clients to see the crazy photos you are tagged in or know everything you post online for family and friends.
2. You can use Facebook’s inexpensive advertising services to find new clients.
3. Facebook insights is available to give you data about your page.
4. You can only have 5000 FB friends on your personal profile. Facebook page fans are unlimited!

Facebook tips

1. Post frequently but not so often that your fans find it obnoxious. (at least a few times a week)
2. Make sure to always include a link to your website in every post. 
3. Ask questions of your fans to get active participation. You can encourage followers to post a comment by posting the first comment yourself.
4. Ask your fans to share your posts on their FB so that you can gain new fans. 
5. Put links to your Facebook fan page or stream your page to your websites so that website clients can find you on social media.
6. Download the Facebook app to your smartphone to make posting a snap while you’re out and about.

by Britten Treder

Britten Treder

May Newsletter

View the May 2014 Newsletter Online. Make sure you are signed up to receive our June newsletter!

Britten Treder

KW Profile Tips and Tricks

Getting your profile to 100% is often the first task for new agents. However, it’s important to note that a 100% profile does NOT mean that your websites are set up. The profile has very little effect on the sites. Rather, it powers your custom profile page on kw.com and in the white pages. It is important to have a great profile to increase your chances of getting agent referrals and also of getting new clients through the kw.com website. 

Here are some tricks to make the most of your profile:
1. Use your office address (not home) but put in the zip code of your farm area. This way, anyone searching for an agent by zip code will find you and you won’t have to share a zip with all the other agents in your office!
2. Read carefully how to enter the social media. Most agents do it incorrectly and end up with broken links on their profile page. (n.b. KW only accepts a personalized LinkedIn address, not a public one)
3. Take some time writing your bio and keep in mind that it will be seen by prospects as well as other agents.
4. If you don’t have a blog, enter the URL of your eEdge website in the blank for “blog.” This way, you have links to both websites on your profile.
5. If you have a YouTube video introducing yourself or your team, enter it in the YouTube blank. The video will be embedded to the right of your profile. Don’t have a video? Create one, or use a KW video.

by Britten Treder, Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder

eAgentC additional pages

Adding eAgentC additional pages

One of the best things about your eAgentC site is that you can add a ton of additional pages on any topics you want! Not only does extra content give visitors to your site more information to look at but it also raises your site’s SEO value. You can add pages in the eAgentC site admin under 3.7 So what kind of pages can you add? Here are some ideas:
• Create a dedicated page for each of your featured listings including photos, videos, text, community links and a map
• Create a page for each of your farm areas (communities, subdivisions or towns) with information about the shopping, schools, restaurants etc. 
• Showcase your marketing and sales capabilities by adding your marketing plan.
• New Construction page.
• Mortgage information and contacts.
• Real Estate Market Updates.
• Pages of community quick searches. 
• School information.

by Britten Treder, Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder

Using YouTube Videos on your Websites

How to Add Youtube Videos to your Websites

Embedding Youtube videos in your websites is a great way to make your sites more dynamic and encourage visitors to stay and browse. If you’ve been thinking about adding videos to your site, watch this short tutorial to learn how. You can find out more about where to find videos below.

Where to find YouTube videos for your site.

YouTube videos can make your site more dynamic and interesting for visitors, but where to get the videos? Here are some ideas:
1. Post your virtual tour on youtube so you can embed it to your site. 
2. Film yourself. You can use your iPhone, iPad or built in computer camera to take a video of you talking about Real Estate News or introducing yourself and your team.
3. Use your iPhone or iPad to take a video of your listings with commentary. There are also several free apps you can use to edit your videos quickly and easily. Try Splice for iPhone.
4. Don’t have a listing? Take a video of a community or attraction like a beach, park or shopping district in your area.
5. Create your own cartoon videos with a free video editing program. I created this video using www.powtoon.com.
6. Embed any of the Keller Williams videos like this Month in Real Estate, buyer tips or seller tips. 
7. Use a home builder’s video to showcase a subdivision.
**Be careful what videos you embed. Don’t use other agent or brokerages’ videos. You don’t want to have another agent or broker featured on your website! 


Britten Treder

YouTube for Real Estate

Put YouTube to work for you!

There are several ways you can harness the power of video. Of course, the most widely used is to create dynamic videos of your listings as a marketing tool, however, you can also create videos with other purposes: give an introduction to yourself or your team, talk about Real Estate news in your area, create a community tour, post video testimonials from past clients, encourage other agents to join KW in your downline or market to other agents for referrals.  You can view sample videos on many of these topics below.

When you have created your videos, make sure to embed them on your websites so prospects can find and view them easily. You can also add one video to your KW.com profile page; we suggest creating a “meet the agent” video for this purpose.

There are many companies who can create professional looking videos for you, including KWvideo.com However, you can also create relatively good videos yourself using your smartphone and a video editor like splice from your app store.

View select sample videos below:

A video by KW agent and team leader Jeff Northouse introducing himself and his services:

[youtube id=”jgeThs94Gu4″]

Here is the “meet the team” video of KW agent Mary Ellen Vanaken:

[youtube id=”-PaIaO9WOz8″]

Here is KW agent Maria Kadau addressing herself to other agents to collect referrals:

[youtube id=”8SpihElSx1k”]

A video by agent Bonita Crawford showcasing her listing:

[youtube id=”VUIGsJUDOh4″]

A community showcase video by Irvine and Beyond. This is a great way for new agents without listings or buyer agents to create a YouTube presence:

[youtube id=”8a88kN54R40″]


Need help adding your videos to your websites? The team at Real Estate Office Pros can help. Contact us for more information! Britten Treder 239-810-4399 or email me


Britten Treder

Social Media for Real Estate


Facebook business and personal pages are one of the most popular ways to connect with your friends, relatives and acquaintances and keep them posted about Real Estate in your area. Make sure you add links to your website in every post so that potential referrals and customers can view properties online. Tip: Post your new listings, just sold and Real Estate news to Facebook on a regular basis.


Most realtors have a LinkedIn account but use it primarily to host their resume. While this is a great way to show everyone your background and experience, you can also use it to connect with other referral agents, investors and Real Estate professionals like mortgage brokers, lawyers and insurance agents. Tip: Join groups on LinkedIn like your college circle, investors group or Real Estate professionals group and post regularly on topics such as Real Estate News and listings.


Pinterest is a great place to create creative and informative boards about buying, renting or selling, staging, interior design and household tips. Use it to showcase what you’re about and post pictures of your marketing materials to give potential sellers a chance to see how hard you will work for them! Read this informative article from Realtor Mag for more tips.


Though tweets must be short and sweet, you can fit some great newsworthy information in a tweet. Make sure to always include a link to your site or a page on your site if you’d like to show your new listings or just sold properties. Tip: use hashtags like #realestate or #”yourareaname” to target specific groups with your tweets. Read this informative article for more information.


Similar to Facebook and integrated with chat to most gmail accounts, you can post news, information, listings and marketing and easily add contacts from your email to your google+ circles.


This is a great way to get your visual tours, information about yourself and Real Estate news videos out to the public. Tip: make sure you embed your videos to your website so that potential clients can find and watch them easily. We suggest creating a page on your website for each of your listings with information, a link to the listing and a youtube video of the listing. This is also a great way to show sellers that you are serious about marketing their properties.

Remember that whichever social media you choose to focus on, it is worthless unless you are regularly posting and connecting with your audience; you have to be social in order to effectively profit from social media. Also remember to always include links to your website/s in your posts to increase SEO value and help potential clients find you online.

Want to know how to add social media links or real-time twitter and Facebook feeds to your website? The team at Real Estate Office Pros can help. Contact Britten @ (239) 810-4399

Britten Treder

create a listing flyer

Create a listing flyer using your eEdge Marketing tools. It’s fast and easy. Just watch the video tutorial to find out how! Use a listing flyer to promote new listings, announce price reductions or a sold property by email directly to your eEdge database and groups or print and send by post. You can also use the listing flyers at your open house.

[youtube id=”q8nrSpOG8BM”]


If you need help setting up your eEdge website and marketing, or your listings are not auto-populating as in the video, contact us to find out more about our $100 basic package which will get both your websites and kw profile set up and ready to start creating marketing and campaigns.

Contact Britten Treder (239) 810-4399 or email britten@realestateofficepros.com

or Gary Kusher (239) 298-6550 or email gary@garykusher.com

Britten Treder

Search Cities in eAgentC

Available Search Areas in eAgentc

Want to customize the search results available to customers on your eAgentC site? The following will show you how to customize your search and exclude certain areas from the search feature on your eAgentC site.  

You can set your search feature to exclude minor cities that are hundreds of miles away if you don’t serve that area and don’t want to deal with referrals to those areas. You can also set the default search to restrict search results to a minimum price range if you are a luxury agent, remove certain types of properties or choose to include pending properties in search results.

Here’s how:

Log in to your eAgentC admin tool from mykw. Once in the eAgentC website administration tool, select  “4.4 Wolfnet Back Office.” Click the button to log in to Wolfnet.

Select “Default Search Settings” from the left side navigation. Depending on your MLS, the options on the page will differ but usually you will see a section called “All Counties” and another called “All Cities” with options for price, status and type of property.

Now look at the list of cities or counties and highlight any that you want to remove from the public search on your website, click the arrows to move those names to the right under the restricted box. Make sure that the little circle marked “exclude” is selected.

Once you have made your selections go to the bottom and click update. Wait a few minutes and check your eAgentc website and those names should no longer appear. Now when a customer does a search, they will only be searching in cities with listings and areas you chose to allow.

As a side note, if you are in a large MLS and there is a major city in your search but it is too far for you to cover personally, we suggest that you leave that city in your search and find a reliable KW agent to refer those customers to.

Written by Gary Kusher Feb 2014

Need assistance with setting up your KW websites and profile? Contact Britten at 239.810.4399

Britten Treder