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How to add a professional email signature in gmail

Now that Keller Williams® and Google® are partnering up to provide agents with a gmail interface for their @kw.com email addresses, you may want to get a head start on adding an email signature to your new account. Don’t have an @kw.com account or aren’t using it? That’s ok! You can follow the same steps in the video below to add or change your email signature in ANY gmail account.

Watch the short video below to learn how to:

– Log in to your new @kw.com email account

– Add your email signature with contact info, links to your website and the kw logo (or other graphics)

– Access Google Drive and other Google Apps for Business

written by Britten Treder, November 2013

Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder

Using Forms with Google Drive

With the new Keller Williams® and Google® partnership, associates using their @kw.com email address have gained access to Google Apps for Business including Google Drive. (Personal gmail accounts also have access to Drive)

Besides the great sharing tools opened up with Google Drive, like sharing spreadsheets, documents and slideshows with your team or with your clients, one tool that I have really enjoyed has been Google’s easy forms.

Using the form creation tool, you can create an open house evaluation and then either print it out for use at the open house, embed it on your real estate website, email it to prospective buyers who visit the open house (this is a great way to get contact information!) or in my preferred method,  ask the questions of each visitor and fill out the form yourself directly on your computer or iPad at the open house. This is a great way to open conversation about what the buyer is looking for, gauge readiness to buy and qualifications and make appointments to show homes with potential buyers.

If you choose to print out the form, make sure to add a call to action for your mobile app!!

Here is a sample form:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.23.20 AM

Forms completed online are time stamped and answers to the survey questions are tracked on a spreadsheet in Google Drive. Once the open house is finished and surveys are completed, you can quickly view comments and answers to the questions. You can also share the data with your team, the listing agent on the open house (if it’s not you) or even your sellers. Most sellers appreciate honest feedback and potential buyer answers to questions about pricing, perceived value and staging of the home can help you to get price adjustments and minor repairs approved by your sellers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.46.23 AM


You should not use Google forms to share any private, personal information or passwords.

Britten Treder November 2013

Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder

How to create eEdge Marketing Campaigns

Haven’t gotten your Marketing Campaigns ready to go this holiday season? Whether you’re looking to start a 12 direct 8×8 or 33-touch campaign to your contacts, the informative video below will give you some great tips and a head start on reaching out to your sphere of influence!

Britten Treder – November 2013

Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder

REOP October 2013 Tech Newsletter

Click here to read the October 2013 Newsletter Online

Britten Treder

Gallery of bad MLS photos!

Everyone knows that a picture says a thousand words. Make sure you make the most of photos and virtual tours for your listings. For some humorous MLS images, take a look at the DON’T photos below. All of the pictures below could have been fine if some simple guidelines had been followed and a little care had been taken to stage the photo better. While we certainly don’t want to mislead potential buyers as to the condition of a home, taking a few extra minutes to straighten and brighten a room and to set up the photos will make your listing look more inviting.

Don’t be in the photo yourself. Avoid taking pictures in the mirror and crop the photo if you can see yourself or the flash. 

Don’t take photos of an open toilet. Close the lid.

Do use flowers to add a splash of color and make the room seem homey and cheerful.

 4  Don’t take pictures of messy areas or of half-eaten food. It would take seconds to remove the bowl and napkins from this photo and make the kitchen look nicer. Remember that you want potential buyers to be able to see themselves in the home, not be constantly reminded that there are others living there. 


Clearing off countertops in bathrooms and kitchens and clearing tables in dining rooms and living rooms will make the home seem clean and ready for new occupants.

Don’t let your finger cover the camera lens. Crop the photo if there is anything in the photo which shouldn’t be there. This is also not a very interesting picture for buyers as it makes the property seem almost scary! At lease remove the “Beware of dog” sign! 

Do think about how a potential buyer will view the photo and what conclusions he/she will make about the home and its surroundings based on your pictures.

Remember to stage your photos to make the home look at its best.

 b Don’t add photos which do not add to the value of the listing.Do take pictures of the neighborhood, community and community amenities when possible. 

Do take photos showing the view from the home if in a vacation area.

Don’t have other people in your photos. 

Don’t take photos without any light as it makes the home seem dark and uninviting. Use natural light when possible or use floor or table lamps to create an inviting glow.

 dirrty pool  Don’t take photos with trash that can easily be picked up such as the bleach container or hanging branch. 

When possible, speak to clients about investing a little money to clean up their house and pool to stage it in the best light and get the best possible sale price.

Don’t take cluttered pictures. You want the home to look clean and neat. 

Do have clients make the bed properly and remove clutter and trash.

Do take photos from a corner of the room or from a doorway to make the room appear its true size.

n.b. a wide-angle camera lens makes great photos but beware of using it in very small spaces as it make rooms look much larger and can be misleading to prospective buyers. However, do use a wide-angle lens for exterior shots and for large rooms.

 Picture 1
 Picture 2  Don’t. Just don’t.
Don’t post fuzzy pictures. This photo does nothing for the listing. 

Do check your pictures before leaving the photo shoot to make sure that your photos are clear and not blurry. If you don’t have a steady hand, purchase an inexpensive tripod or place the camera on a stool when taking photos.

Always take several different photos of each area and only use the best ones to advertise the listing.

 Picture 3

written by Britten Treder.

Britten Treder

100% Profile: how to and what does it mean??

Can’t get your profile to 100%? Wonder what a 100% profile does for you? Well, aside from making you look and feel like you’ve accomplished something tech-related, your profile is actually an extremely beneficial tool for attracting new clients, especially referral clients. Reaching a 100% profile means that your agent profile on the website makes you look like a professional REALTOR® and gives prospective clients and other agents the opportunity to research you, find you on the web and decide if you’d be a good match for them.

Look at the two examples below, first an incomplete profile, then a 100% profile. Which agent would you choose to represent you?

sample incomplete profileScreen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.49.02 AM


If you want to view your profile or see how you compare with the other agents in your office, go here to search for your office http://www.kw.com/kw/officesearch.html, select your office from the choices, then from your office home page, click on “find an agent.” You can search for yourself by name, or select “Click here if you would like to see all agents” to view all the office profiles and rate yourself against the other agents.

n.b. A popular misconception among agents is that profile completion is an indicator of website optimization or website completion. Your profile completion percentage has ALMOST NO effect on your websites. While the basic contact information (name, address, phone and email) will auto populate to your website in some areas, the other information is retained strictly for the profile page. It does not create social media links, registration alerts or IDX (property search); nor does it add your photo or service area, background, designations, team or slogan information to your sites.  In short, having a 100% profile does not mean that your websites are working.  

If you’d like to complete your profile on your own, or can’t figure out what you’re missing to complete your profile, check out this handy list of weights for the different fields in your profile white pages. Once all of the weighted fields are complete, you will have a 100% profile!

Weight Field Name
5% First Name
5% Last Name
0% Team Name
5% Street 1
0% Street 2
5% City
5% State/Prov
5% Zip/Postal
2% Country
5% Business Phone
0% Home Phone
5% Mobile Phone
0% Fax
5% Text/Carrier
10% Email
10% Image
5% Display for customers
0% URL
5% Biography
1% Languages
5% Specialties
5% Service Area
1% Slogan
0% Loss Mitigation Resume
1% Designations
3% Blog URL
3% Facebook URL
1% Twitter URL
3% Referral Notes

The best way to make sure your existing technology is working properly and optimized is to attend tech classes at your office or contact the pros here at Real Estate Office Pros to set up your profile and both websites. The basic setup is only a one time fee of $100 and will save you a lot of hassle and frustration! Register online now and start making your technology work for you! Click here to register.

written by Britten Treder, Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder
REOP sept 2013 newsletter

REOP September 2013 Newsletter

Click here to read our September 2013 newsletter online

Britten Treder

How to add Client Testimonials to your eAgentC website

Britten Treder
Picture 2

REOP August 2013 Newsletter

Click here to read our August 2013 Newsletter online

Britten Treder

eEdge: forward with masking or forward only?

eEdge Hot Tip: You could be losing leads!

If you have a domain name that is forwarding to your eEdge website and you are using forwarding with masking, you are liable to lose all of your leads! Why? All domain names forwarded with masking to an eEdge account are unable to trigger the forced registration dialog.  In short, anyone on your eEdge site will be able to see unlimited listings without being prompted to register.

How do I know if this affects me?

Follow these easy steps to see if you are losing leads.

1. If you bought a domain name and forwarded it to your eEdge website, type that domain name, example www.myrealestatewebsite.com in a browser to access your website.

2. Do a search for properties in your site, and click on any listing to view the details.

3. Click on a second listing to see its details.  If you see a registration form pop up, then your domain name is not masked and is working properly. However, if you can see the details of more than 1 listing without being required to register, you have a problem with a masked domain.

How to resolve this issue

If you do not want to allow customers to search your site freely and be required to register, there is a simple fix by removing forwarding with masking.

1. Log in to your godaddy account or whatever company you purchased your domain name from.

2. Locate the setting that controls forwarding. There will be 2 options: “forward with masking” or “forward only” (without masking).

3. Select the latter.

4. Test your domain name on your website again to make sure that the automatic registration is enabled.


If you need additional help with setting up your free websites and technology, check out our technology packages and contact us or register here directly

Content copyright 2013, written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder

Britten Treder