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Real Estate Consulting Services

We offer real estate agents a one on one Internet Marketing, Planning and Strategy Consulting service. Agents will learn a wide variety of topics including;

How to use technology to their advantage during a listing presentation.
Showing Buyers how your technology can help them from listing alerts, to e-signature for documents
We also teach you how to power the many websites to get the best listing exposure
Lead Generate through your website and marketing plans

We have over 30 different topics that will make you a better agent and increase your profits.
We offer a 1 hour one on one consulting plan or a 3 month consulting plan.
Email us today if you have any questions.

Gary Kusher

Google Picasa

Do you need a simple free program to edit your photos?

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Picasa:

– Ever had a hard time finding a photo on your computer? Picasa can search every folder in your computer and then organize them for you, making photos easy to find.

– Editing photos is a snap, you can crop, straighten, retouch colors, add text on your photos, get rid of red eye and add special effects.

– Upload photos or logos to Picasa for easy cloud storage and use them in your websites via URL (especially eEdge which has no built-in photo storage) or your gmail signatures.


If you are ready to get started with Picasa,  click here to visit the Picasa site and download it for free!


Written by Gary Kusher, November 2013

Real Estate Office Pros

Gary Kusher

Create Better Listings

How would you like your listings to stand out from the crowd, have more people view the listing and receive more calls??  Follow my suggestions and watch how many more leads come your way.

Usually, you put your listings in the MLS and fill in all the fields including the description field. You also add photos and virtual tours to the new listing. Now, it is time to change the way you treat your listing through the description, photos, virtual tours and websites.

1. Descriptions: We have to think about the description and how the buyer will read and understand it. When we enter a listing in the MLS and fill in all the different fields, we think we are done. This is only the beginning. Next, we have to proofread, add, make changes and more. Here is an example, I have seen listings of homes in the MLS that state the name of the community, the view, the floor of the condo, a list of amenities and so on. Then I look at that same listing on Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, and local websites to find that many of the important features are missing from these sites because of field differences between the MLS and the website. What I suggest to you is to add this important information into the remarks field and then visit these sites and add or change the description as needed. If you haven’t already, you should create your agent profile on sites like Realtor.com, Trulia and  Zillow in order to make the changes. Here is a simple description that has the needed information and also uses real estate keywords.

125 Vermont Rd, Estero
This beautiful condo is on the 15th floor of the Essex overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The Essex is a terrific condo complex located in a gated golf community of Estero Grande, close to the beach, shopping and downtown. Community features include golf, tennis, private pool, doorman, security, underground parking, social club, fitness room, etc. The unit itself has a gourmet kitchen, upgraded appliances, tile floors, 2 balconies view beach views, 3 over sized bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Keep adding more details that will make your listing stand out and finish with something like this; many more photos are available, floor plans are also available so please contact me.

2. Photos: you should be taking at least 30-40 photos of your listing and its location or community and community amenities. This is especially true for homes located in country club, golf, boating, vacation or waterfront communities. Clients don’t simply want to see photos of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom; they want to see the neighborhood and community amenities as well. First you add the 20 or more photos in the MLS for your listing. Now, what you need to do is go to the other large websites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com and change some of the photos to make the listing look different. On one website you may want to feature the kitchen, family room, dining room and show off the interior. On another site change the photos to feature the outside of the home or condo, feature the amenities and give a different view. Remember that different people react differently and have different interests. One person may be more interested in the views and location while another might be interested in the brands of the appliances. Today, most cell phones will take high enough quality photos to do the job. While it is always best to hire a professional photographer or use a professional camera with HDR and a wide lens to take awesome photos, you can usually  do a good enough job with your own phone, given that you put some thought into staging. Click here to see some terrible, but funny MLS photos and get additional tips on how to stage your photo shoot.

3. Virtual Tours: similar to photos, these need to be changed up for the different websites and you should use branded tours when possible. While some websites force you to use non-branded tours, others – including your own website, can feature your branded virtual tour. You can also place this on YouTube, link it to Facebook and more.

4. Websites:  On your personal website, you can promote your listings on your home page, link to extra photos, add a slideshow, a YouTube video or virtual tour, and display a google map to show the location of the property. Write a lot of content for your property on your website. You should also write more about the community with all of its features. Add information about local shopping, beaches, mountains, scenic areas, dining and more. Remember that the buyer may have never been to this area before so give them the total experience.

The tips above are also useful when working with Craigslist. The same listing can be promoted in several different ways in several different Craigslist Ads. For example, if you have a listing in a coastal golf and country club community, create ads geared to the interests of different potential buyers: the avid golfer, the social butterfly, the beach-goer, etc.

Listings are more then just a quick write up to enter them in the MLS. The more time you spend writing a great description with photos, the better reaction you will receive from buyers and sellers.



All content was created and written by Gary Kusher, Gary@garykusher.com and Britten Treder, britten@realestateofficepros.com. Copyright© 2013 If you have questions or need help implementing the above tips please contact us at britten@realestateofficepros.com or (239) 810-4399

Gary Kusher

Real Estate Agent Keeps Sellers Happy with ProShow

Video slideshows put “for sale” homes in the best light for top producing Realtors®

The Background

This top agent strives to make her sellers happy and she’s certainly doing something right. In the 25 plus years she has worked as a Realtor®, she has received countless awards and is consistently recognized as a top producer in the industry. She prides herself on low-key, no pressure service with the least amount of stress possible for her clients.

In 2010 she was looking for improved sales and marketing techniques for her website when her photographer tipped her off about ProShow Web – an easy-to-use video slideshow creation tool. The photographer thought that slideshows would complement her work style simply by helping the homes come alive and allowing viewers to discover them on their own. Dianna and her team reviewed the features and benefits and quickly agreed.

The Results

Since working with ProShow Web, this top agent has noticed her sellers are even happier than they were before. Slick, impressive slideshow tours of listings make clients feel they’ll have the best opportunity to sell their home. Most of them say “Wow, the video helps emphasize the great features and style of our house!”

Because the product is so easy to use, anyone on her team can put together a slideshow and post it on YouTube or other social media platform. This has saved her countless hours.

Try ProShow Web free to create your own real estate videos >

Special offer for agents viewing this article on Real Estate Office Pros: You can receive a Special 10% off discount by emailing gary@realestateofficepros.com and asking for the ProShow web 10% off discount code.

This article was written by Amanda of Photodex’s marketing department.

Gary Kusher

E-mail Providers

Our goal as Realtors is to get more leads and not turn them away. So I ask anyone that uses an Earthlink email address to find another email service provider, WHY?

Agents who use Earthlink for email need to realize that there is an extremely strict spam blocker attached to their account. When a person writes an email to an Earthlink address, Earthlink checks to see if that person has a verified email with the agent. If the agent has never exchanged emails with this person before (i.e. the person is a new customer), the customer’s email will not go through.

Instead, the customer receives an email from Earthlink stating that the agent cannot see their email until they are approved and asking the customer for written justification of  a relationship with the agent.

Instead of jumping through these hoops, most times the customer will simply delete the email and find another agent to work with!

Avoid situations like this; use either a gmail or similar free account* or a business class email. You can buy business class email (one attached to your domain name) from companies like godaddy.com from $2.99 – $6.99 a month depending upon extra features.

*Please note that some free email addresses are generally considered to be less professional than others and choose your free account wisely. Hotmail, yahoo and aol accounts are typically seen as unprofessional or immature.

Written by Gary Kusher.

Gary Kusher

What’s Your Title?

Everyone knows that titles are very important in business and help define your role in the workplace. While titles like Broker, Broker Associate, Agent or Realtor® help to define you, your website title and page titles help define your website on the worldwide web.

did you know photo

You can see your website’s title, link and page description by doing a simple Google search. Simply google the name of your website (your website domain name).

Let’s take a look at my site, www.napleshomesource.com Below is what you might see when doing a search, the top line is called your title line, the second line is a link to your domain or site and below that is a title description or page description.


It is really important to create these titles and descriptions in both your eAgentc and eEdge websites.

In your eAgentc website powered by Wolfnet you can make these changes in section 2.4 Edit Site Info. Under the area marked Search Engine Optimization is Page Title; fill in the box to the right of it. Before you do that, give it some thought – are you going to use your name or a generic title like Search Boston? Look at the one in the Google results above and you will see that the words are real estate search terms so try to include words like real estate, homes for sale, search, company name, etc. An example might be: “Search Boston Real Estate For Sale, Bob Smith, Keller Williams Realty”.

Now for the description, we want more real estate related words. The closer your words are to the words the customer inputs, the higher your website will appear in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. On the average you can fit about 25 words in a description where all the words can still be seen when searching.


In eEdge we can do the same by going into Manage eEdge website, under the Website tab make sure you click on Titles and Descriptions and then from the drop down choose Home Page. Here you will change the Page Title and Description to better represent your business -remember to use keywords!



How long will it take the search engines to find my new title and description?

– The answer is not exact, it can be as little as 2 days or a few weeks.

Is this all I have to do to be found on Google?

– This is one of many things that will help you to be found. You can also add page titles and descriptions to other pages like your About Us page, Search page and all of your custom pages.

My website needs more help lead generating, what else can I do?

– There are many ways to add SEO value to your website. We here at Real Estate Office Pros can provide many different options for agents across the country, so if you need assistance we are available for hire. Please click here to view our tech pricing plans.

All content was created and written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder. Copyright© 2013 If you have questions please contact us at britten@realestateofficepros.com

Gary Kusher

Add The Real Estate Mobile App to your Website

One way to promote your branded mobile app is to add a video to your website displaying the many features that the mobile app offers. You can add a video about the app, along with a link to the app on both your eAgentc and eEdge site. (To view the mobile app page created by Gary, click here: Kusher Realty Group Mobile App.) *Don’t forget that in order for the app to work, you must have your Wolfnet IDX activated.*

First, watch the video below to find out how the new App can revolutionize the way you do business, then read below to find out how to activate your mobile app, add a link to the mobile app on your website and embed a youtube video about the app’s features to entice prospective clients to download it.


beginner tip photo

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to activate your mobile app and embed a youtube video about the mobile app on your eEdge and eAgentC sites.


Advanced Users: The mobile app runs using Wolfnet technology and can be found in your eAgentC admin tool in section 4.5 Mobile App. Activate the app, then add it to your site using either a link or a focus box. To add the video, simply copy and paste the code corresponding to the video play style of your choice (below) into the desired source page on either of your websites.

Code for Video: 

Code for Video with Autoplay:


You can add the video above to your eEdge site using the codes below. Simply use the html editor function on your eEdge homepage or on your custom page.

eEdge code: 

 eEdge video with auto play:


Need more help adding videos to your websites, branding your websites or adding SEO capabilities? Check out our available Tech plans and contact us at 239-810-4399

Gary Kusher

Why NAR Protects the REALTOR® Trademark

Watch the video below to learn why leaders in the association – along with NAR’s business partners, members of the media, and members of the public – need to protect the value of the REALTOR® trademark.

The term REALTOR® is not only a trademark owned by NAR and protected by federal law; it distinguishes members from all others in the real estate business.

advanced tip photoIn the coming months there will be new domain extensions released and they will include .build .condos .home .realestate .realtor and others. The .Realtor extension can only be used by members of NAR. It will show the public who and what we are as a group.


We strongly suggest that if you have a common name, you may want to purchase www.YourName.realtor  before someone else does!

Gary Kusher

Get Credit for your Facebook Post

When you post on Facebook, are you getting the credit you deserve?

We all want to use social networking and while there are times to just say something silly or share a happy moment, there are also times when we want to remind people what we do for a living and tell them how business is going.

By jut following a few of the simple steps below, you may also increase your business! (In this post I am not telling you what topics to post, I am only sharing features of my sample Facebook post seen below and suggesting that you can do the same.)

1. Make sure you mention your location and state and do not assume everyone knows where you work.

2. Give a little information about how your market is doing, name a big sale you just had or even a new community just being built.

3. Tell people the best way to contact you, I added my phone number to my post, you could also add your email.

4. One of the most important parts of the post was the link to my website which not only adds the text link to my website where customers can do a property search but Facebook also automatically adds a thumbnail photo and description of my site without any help or coding from me.

5. Add your name or your team name somewhere in the post.

6. Keep posts short and to the point. Facebook friends who don’t know you that well are more likely to read a short post that a long one. If you have more to say, write another post!

I am often asked which website I personally link to when posting on Social Media, Craigslist, etc.  I mainly use my www.napleshomesource.com site, which is my fully customized eAgentc site. (All improvements and features were added by my company www.realestateofficepros.com. If you have questions about how to add any of the improvements or features seen on my site, contact us at gary@garykusher.com)


I hope you found this post informative and we invite you to keep coming back to read and learn more.

If you need help with your websites and profile, including SEO, IDX and graphic design, click here to check out our pricing plans and learn more.

Want to have a professional Facebook banner for your Facebook business or personal page? We can help you with the graphic design. Contact us at britten@realestateofficepros.com

All content was created and written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder.

Gary Kusher

The importance of a great domain name

The importance of a great domain name!

The domain name you choose for a your real estate web site can have a huge impact on the way that humans and search engine spiders perceive it. Some real estate agents may own one domain name while others may own several to cover the many areas or services they offer.

A domain name is a website address or URL. For example, www.naplesfloridahomesforsale.com or www.johnsmith.com or www.sandiegodreamhomes.com

Now that they are much easier to obtain, it is hard to take any site that does not have its own domain name very seriously. Without a domain name, a real estate company or agent is likely to be passed off as amateurish or seen to want to cut corners to save money. If you have a web site and you still haven’t purchased a domain name for your website, then you might want to think about getting one!

Many domain names start at $9.95/year and most cost less than $20.00/year. Check www.godaddy.com to find out what’s available.

Every agent receives 2 websites with default web addresses:

1. An eEdge website from Market Leader with the default URL or web address myname.kwrealty.com

2. An eAgentc website from Wolfnet with the default URL or web address myname.yourkwagent.com

You may choose what wording to use in place of “myname” so your Website could be located at johnsmith.yourkwagent.com or floridahomesforsale.kwrealty.com These are the website addresses which you would put on your business cards. However, if you would prefer to have a more personalized domain name, you may purchase 2 domain names from companies like www.godaddy.com or www.hostgator.com and attach them to your websites.

As many domain names as you like may be forwarded to the same website. For example, www.foreclosuresnewyork.com,  www.luxuryhomesnewyork.com and www.johnsmith.com could all be the same website!

How to choose a great domain name!

Make it either memorable or heavy in key words

A great domain name is one that people can remember, because if your visitors can remember it, they are more likely to come back. For example, www.dreamhomeschicago.com and www.JoeBrown.com are easy to remember and easy to spell.

A great domain name also helps a search engine decide whether or not to return your site in a search query. For example, a site named www.LosAngelesBob.com is too vague and doesn’t mention Real Estate while www.homesforsale.com doesn’t specify your location but would be great for country wide referrals! Try to imagine the search terms a prospective buyer or seller in your community might enter into google or bing and create a website name from those terms.

If you do not already have a real estate name selected for your site, then it is often a good idea to make your domain name solidify the branding for your site and/or promote the specific services you offer. If you’re a foreclosure expert, try www.MurrayTNforeclosures.com or for a team www.TeamJameson.com Tying your site name to the domain is just one way you can help your visitors remember how to find you again.

Tips for choosing the most memorable domain name.

  • keep it short and easy to spell.
  • make use of keywords or popular real estate search terms whenever possible like yourcityhomesforsale or yourcityrealestateforsale.
  • generic terms like real estate or homes for sale usually appear higher in searches, but they also have more competition.
  • the more unusual but familiar sounding a domain, the better.
  • incorporate search terms that you think a visitor to your site might enter into a search engine.
  • the best domain names give an idea of what your site is all about before the potential client even sees the site itself. Ask yourself: if you were searching for real estate on Google, would you choose your domain name over others that are returned?

If you have subdivisions or genres of real estate which you farm, buy additional domain names relating to those areas of expertise like www.theOaksHomesforSale.com or www.TampaGolfRealEstate.com

One of the major problems in trying to promote a specific domain name is that in general, people (or sometimes browsers) assume that they end in a .com. If your site uses a domain other than a .com, then you may want to make the domain your site identity, otherwise you could have your visitors remembering the domain name but not the extension and going to a related site that isn’t your own! Other endings worth consider are .biz .net .us .info as long as you promote them.

Domain Branding

If you purchase your domain with the intention that it will become the brand that you promote, then it is worth spending the time in promoting it everywhere. Purchasing the domain name is just the first part of domain name branding. The next step is to place that domain name on everything from your email, business cards, all marketing (including 33 touch and 8×8) and maybe even on your car!

Take my Listing Seriously: Buying a domain name to promote a specific listing

The expanded form or “long tail” version of a domain name works great with listings. Lets say you have a property located at 125 Harrison Street, Dallas TX. Do not buy a short domain name that someone has to figure out like www.harrisonhome.com, instead purchase a name like www.125-harrison-st-dallas-tx.com and point it to the same page as your listing. Once the sale is made you can even give the domain name to the new owner as a gift so they can show their friends where they live.

Never too Late

Competition for domain names is higher than ever since the average price of a domain is under $15.00. It may even take you a few hours to find the right name or names for your sites. Start looking today and see if your domain name is available!

I have a domain name, now what?

The website you purchased your domain name from should be able to offer you online support and assist you in setting up your domain names.

If you need additional support in setting up your websites or want to make sure that your domain names are optimized, click here to take a look at our Website Tech support packages which all include domain name support.

Gary Kusher