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New! eEdge Alerts and Marketing Stats

New! eEdge Alerts and Analytics

eEdge has added a few, exciting new features in the past months. First, all agents can now receive a daily summary of contacts that visit the website the previous day. Make sure this is enabled in the eEdge back office under “Activity Alerts.”

Even better, marketing and campaign emails are now tracked by eEdge so agents can view which contacts have opened and/or clicked on links within the emails. If you haven’t checked out this new feature, you should! In the eEdge back office, click on “sent items” under “Email & Reminders” Clicking on “view stats” will show you which contacts opened your email and which ones also clicked on the links in the email.

This is a great way to make constructive changes to your campaigns and marketing. Are your clients more interested in This Month in Real Estate, or new listing blasts? Analyze your click rates to streamline your marketing. 

Quickie Tip Video: What you should know about eEdge marketing

So, you’re using your marketing. GREAT! However, some of your emails may not be seen by clients as you intended. Links that you put into your eEdge marketing and campaign emails are not clickable on iPhones or iPads. Also, some email clients block emails that only contain image files. Learn how to circumvent these issues and get more business in this 5 minute video.

by Britten Treder, Real Estate Office Pros

What’s Your Title?

Everyone knows that titles are very important in business and help define your role in the workplace. While titles like Broker, Broker Associate, Agent or Realtor® help to define you, your website title and page titles help define your website on the worldwide web.

did you know photo

You can see your website’s title, link and page description by doing a simple Google search. Simply google the name of your website (your website domain name).

Let’s take a look at my site, www.napleshomesource.com Below is what you might see when doing a search, the top line is called your title line, the second line is a link to your domain or site and below that is a title description or page description.


It is really important to create these titles and descriptions in both your eAgentc and eEdge websites.

In your eAgentc website powered by Wolfnet you can make these changes in section 2.4 Edit Site Info. Under the area marked Search Engine Optimization is Page Title; fill in the box to the right of it. Before you do that, give it some thought – are you going to use your name or a generic title like Search Boston? Look at the one in the Google results above and you will see that the words are real estate search terms so try to include words like real estate, homes for sale, search, company name, etc. An example might be: “Search Boston Real Estate For Sale, Bob Smith, Keller Williams Realty”.

Now for the description, we want more real estate related words. The closer your words are to the words the customer inputs, the higher your website will appear in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. On the average you can fit about 25 words in a description where all the words can still be seen when searching.


In eEdge we can do the same by going into Manage eEdge website, under the Website tab make sure you click on Titles and Descriptions and then from the drop down choose Home Page. Here you will change the Page Title and Description to better represent your business -remember to use keywords!



How long will it take the search engines to find my new title and description?

– The answer is not exact, it can be as little as 2 days or a few weeks.

Is this all I have to do to be found on Google?

– This is one of many things that will help you to be found. You can also add page titles and descriptions to other pages like your About Us page, Search page and all of your custom pages.

My website needs more help lead generating, what else can I do?

– There are many ways to add SEO value to your website. We here at Real Estate Office Pros can provide many different options for agents across the country, so if you need assistance we are available for hire. Please click here to view our tech pricing plans.

All content was created and written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder. Copyright© 2013 If you have questions please contact us at britten@realestateofficepros.com

Add The Real Estate Mobile App to your Website

One way to promote your branded mobile app is to add a video to your website displaying the many features that the mobile app offers. You can add a video about the app, along with a link to the app on both your eAgentc and eEdge site. (To view the mobile app page created by Gary, click here: Kusher Realty Group Mobile App.) *Don’t forget that in order for the app to work, you must have your Wolfnet IDX activated.*

First, watch the video below to find out how the new App can revolutionize the way you do business, then read below to find out how to activate your mobile app, add a link to the mobile app on your website and embed a youtube video about the app’s features to entice prospective clients to download it.


beginner tip photo

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to activate your mobile app and embed a youtube video about the mobile app on your eEdge and eAgentC sites.


Advanced Users: The mobile app runs using Wolfnet technology and can be found in your eAgentC admin tool in section 4.5 Mobile App. Activate the app, then add it to your site using either a link or a focus box. To add the video, simply copy and paste the code corresponding to the video play style of your choice (below) into the desired source page on either of your websites.

Code for Video: 

Code for Video with Autoplay:


You can add the video above to your eEdge site using the codes below. Simply use the html editor function on your eEdge homepage or on your custom page.

eEdge code: 

 eEdge video with auto play:


Need more help adding videos to your websites, branding your websites or adding SEO capabilities? Check out our available Tech plans and contact us at 239-810-4399

eEdge: forward with masking or forward only?

eEdge Hot Tip: You could be losing leads!

If you have a domain name that is forwarding to your eEdge website and you are using forwarding with masking, you are liable to lose all of your leads! Why? All domain names forwarded with masking to an eEdge account are unable to trigger the forced registration dialog.  In short, anyone on your eEdge site will be able to see unlimited listings without being prompted to register.

How do I know if this affects me?

Follow these easy steps to see if you are losing leads.

1. If you bought a domain name and forwarded it to your eEdge website, type that domain name, example www.myrealestatewebsite.com in a browser to access your website.

2. Do a search for properties in your site, and click on any listing to view the details.

3. Click on a second listing to see its details.  If you see a registration form pop up, then your domain name is not masked and is working properly. However, if you can see the details of more than 1 listing without being required to register, you have a problem with a masked domain.

How to resolve this issue

If you do not want to allow customers to search your site freely and be required to register, there is a simple fix by removing forwarding with masking.

1. Log in to your godaddy account or whatever company you purchased your domain name from.

2. Locate the setting that controls forwarding. There will be 2 options: “forward with masking” or “forward only” (without masking).

3. Select the latter.

4. Test your domain name on your website again to make sure that the automatic registration is enabled.


If you need additional help with setting up your free websites and technology, check out our technology packages and contact us or register here directly

Content copyright 2013, written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder

The importance of a great domain name

The importance of a great domain name!

The domain name you choose for a your real estate web site can have a huge impact on the way that humans and search engine spiders perceive it. Some real estate agents may own one domain name while others may own several to cover the many areas or services they offer.

A domain name is a website address or URL. For example, www.naplesfloridahomesforsale.com or www.johnsmith.com or www.sandiegodreamhomes.com

Now that they are much easier to obtain, it is hard to take any site that does not have its own domain name very seriously. Without a domain name, a real estate company or agent is likely to be passed off as amateurish or seen to want to cut corners to save money. If you have a web site and you still haven’t purchased a domain name for your website, then you might want to think about getting one!

Many domain names start at $9.95/year and most cost less than $20.00/year. Check www.godaddy.com to find out what’s available.

Every agent receives 2 websites with default web addresses:

1. An eEdge website from Market Leader with the default URL or web address myname.kwrealty.com

2. An eAgentc website from Wolfnet with the default URL or web address myname.yourkwagent.com

You may choose what wording to use in place of “myname” so your Website could be located at johnsmith.yourkwagent.com or floridahomesforsale.kwrealty.com These are the website addresses which you would put on your business cards. However, if you would prefer to have a more personalized domain name, you may purchase 2 domain names from companies like www.godaddy.com or www.hostgator.com and attach them to your websites.

As many domain names as you like may be forwarded to the same website. For example, www.foreclosuresnewyork.com,  www.luxuryhomesnewyork.com and www.johnsmith.com could all be the same website!

How to choose a great domain name!

Make it either memorable or heavy in key words

A great domain name is one that people can remember, because if your visitors can remember it, they are more likely to come back. For example, www.dreamhomeschicago.com and www.JoeBrown.com are easy to remember and easy to spell.

A great domain name also helps a search engine decide whether or not to return your site in a search query. For example, a site named www.LosAngelesBob.com is too vague and doesn’t mention Real Estate while www.homesforsale.com doesn’t specify your location but would be great for country wide referrals! Try to imagine the search terms a prospective buyer or seller in your community might enter into google or bing and create a website name from those terms.

If you do not already have a real estate name selected for your site, then it is often a good idea to make your domain name solidify the branding for your site and/or promote the specific services you offer. If you’re a foreclosure expert, try www.MurrayTNforeclosures.com or for a team www.TeamJameson.com Tying your site name to the domain is just one way you can help your visitors remember how to find you again.

Tips for choosing the most memorable domain name.

  • keep it short and easy to spell.
  • make use of keywords or popular real estate search terms whenever possible like yourcityhomesforsale or yourcityrealestateforsale.
  • generic terms like real estate or homes for sale usually appear higher in searches, but they also have more competition.
  • the more unusual but familiar sounding a domain, the better.
  • incorporate search terms that you think a visitor to your site might enter into a search engine.
  • the best domain names give an idea of what your site is all about before the potential client even sees the site itself. Ask yourself: if you were searching for real estate on Google, would you choose your domain name over others that are returned?

If you have subdivisions or genres of real estate which you farm, buy additional domain names relating to those areas of expertise like www.theOaksHomesforSale.com or www.TampaGolfRealEstate.com

One of the major problems in trying to promote a specific domain name is that in general, people (or sometimes browsers) assume that they end in a .com. If your site uses a domain other than a .com, then you may want to make the domain your site identity, otherwise you could have your visitors remembering the domain name but not the extension and going to a related site that isn’t your own! Other endings worth consider are .biz .net .us .info as long as you promote them.

Domain Branding

If you purchase your domain with the intention that it will become the brand that you promote, then it is worth spending the time in promoting it everywhere. Purchasing the domain name is just the first part of domain name branding. The next step is to place that domain name on everything from your email, business cards, all marketing (including 33 touch and 8×8) and maybe even on your car!

Take my Listing Seriously: Buying a domain name to promote a specific listing

The expanded form or “long tail” version of a domain name works great with listings. Lets say you have a property located at 125 Harrison Street, Dallas TX. Do not buy a short domain name that someone has to figure out like www.harrisonhome.com, instead purchase a name like www.125-harrison-st-dallas-tx.com and point it to the same page as your listing. Once the sale is made you can even give the domain name to the new owner as a gift so they can show their friends where they live.

Never too Late

Competition for domain names is higher than ever since the average price of a domain is under $15.00. It may even take you a few hours to find the right name or names for your sites. Start looking today and see if your domain name is available!

I have a domain name, now what?

The website you purchased your domain name from should be able to offer you online support and assist you in setting up your domain names.

If you need additional support in setting up your websites or want to make sure that your domain names are optimized, click here to take a look at our Website Tech support packages which all include domain name support.