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Create a Facebook Business Page


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Create a Facebook business page

Have you been thinking about creating a FB Business page but aren’t sure how to start? Still using your personal page for Real Estate related posts? Watch the video above to learn how to create a Facebook business page, add contacts and start posting! Read below to find out why you should have a Business page in addition to your personal page.

Why have a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, family and your client base. It’s easy to share articles, photos of new listings and news from your computer or mobile phone. Lots of people use Facebook regularly (as opposed to regular use of LinkedIn or Google+) 

Pros of creating a dedicated business page vs. using your personal page

Pros of the business page:
1. Keep business separate from your personal life. You don’t want all your clients to see the crazy photos you are tagged in or know everything you post online for family and friends.
2. You can use Facebook’s inexpensive advertising services to find new clients.
3. Facebook insights is available to give you data about your page.
4. You can only have 5000 FB friends on your personal profile. Facebook page fans are unlimited!

Facebook tips

1. Post frequently but not so often that your fans find it obnoxious. (at least a few times a week)
2. Make sure to always include a link to your website in every post. 
3. Ask questions of your fans to get active participation. You can encourage followers to post a comment by posting the first comment yourself.
4. Ask your fans to share your posts on their FB so that you can gain new fans. 
5. Put links to your Facebook fan page or stream your page to your websites so that website clients can find you on social media.
6. Download the Facebook app to your smartphone to make posting a snap while you’re out and about.

by Britten Treder

Using YouTube Videos on your Websites

How to Add Youtube Videos to your Websites

Embedding Youtube videos in your websites is a great way to make your sites more dynamic and encourage visitors to stay and browse. If you’ve been thinking about adding videos to your site, watch this short tutorial to learn how. You can find out more about where to find videos below.

Where to find YouTube videos for your site.

YouTube videos can make your site more dynamic and interesting for visitors, but where to get the videos? Here are some ideas:
1. Post your virtual tour on youtube so you can embed it to your site. 
2. Film yourself. You can use your iPhone, iPad or built in computer camera to take a video of you talking about Real Estate News or introducing yourself and your team.
3. Use your iPhone or iPad to take a video of your listings with commentary. There are also several free apps you can use to edit your videos quickly and easily. Try Splice for iPhone.
4. Don’t have a listing? Take a video of a community or attraction like a beach, park or shopping district in your area.
5. Create your own cartoon videos with a free video editing program. I created this video using www.powtoon.com.
6. Embed any of the Keller Williams videos like this Month in Real Estate, buyer tips or seller tips. 
7. Use a home builder’s video to showcase a subdivision.
**Be careful what videos you embed. Don’t use other agent or brokerages’ videos. You don’t want to have another agent or broker featured on your website! 


Get Credit for your Facebook Post

When you post on Facebook, are you getting the credit you deserve?

We all want to use social networking and while there are times to just say something silly or share a happy moment, there are also times when we want to remind people what we do for a living and tell them how business is going.

By jut following a few of the simple steps below, you may also increase your business! (In this post I am not telling you what topics to post, I am only sharing features of my sample Facebook post seen below and suggesting that you can do the same.)

1. Make sure you mention your location and state and do not assume everyone knows where you work.

2. Give a little information about how your market is doing, name a big sale you just had or even a new community just being built.

3. Tell people the best way to contact you, I added my phone number to my post, you could also add your email.

4. One of the most important parts of the post was the link to my website which not only adds the text link to my website where customers can do a property search but Facebook also automatically adds a thumbnail photo and description of my site without any help or coding from me.

5. Add your name or your team name somewhere in the post.

6. Keep posts short and to the point. Facebook friends who don’t know you that well are more likely to read a short post that a long one. If you have more to say, write another post!

I am often asked which website I personally link to when posting on Social Media, Craigslist, etc.  I mainly use my www.napleshomesource.com site, which is my fully customized eAgentc site. (All improvements and features were added by my company www.realestateofficepros.com. If you have questions about how to add any of the improvements or features seen on my site, contact us at gary@garykusher.com)


I hope you found this post informative and we invite you to keep coming back to read and learn more.

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All content was created and written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder.