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E-mail Providers

E-mail Providers

Our goal as Realtors is to get more leads and not turn them away. So I ask anyone that uses an Earthlink email address to find another email service provider, WHY?

Agents who use Earthlink for email need to realize that there is an extremely strict spam blocker attached to their account. When a person writes an email to an Earthlink address, Earthlink checks to see if that person has a verified email with the agent. If the agent has never exchanged emails with this person before (i.e. the person is a new customer), the customer’s email will not go through.

Instead, the customer receives an email from Earthlink stating that the agent cannot see their email until they are approved and asking the customer for written justification of  a relationship with the agent.

Instead of jumping through these hoops, most times the customer will simply delete the email and find another agent to work with!

Avoid situations like this; use either a gmail or similar free account* or a business class email. You can buy business class email (one attached to your domain name) from companies like godaddy.com from $2.99 – $6.99 a month depending upon extra features.

*Please note that some free email addresses are generally considered to be less professional than others and choose your free account wisely. Hotmail, yahoo and aol accounts are typically seen as unprofessional or immature.

Written by Gary Kusher.

Gary Kusher