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eEdge: forward with masking or forward only?

eEdge: forward with masking or forward only?

eEdge Hot Tip: You could be losing leads!

If you have a domain name that is forwarding to your eEdge website and you are using forwarding with masking, you are liable to lose all of your leads! Why? All domain names forwarded with masking to an eEdge account are unable to trigger the forced registration dialog.  In short, anyone on your eEdge site will be able to see unlimited listings without being prompted to register.

How do I know if this affects me?

Follow these easy steps to see if you are losing leads.

1. If you bought a domain name and forwarded it to your eEdge website, type that domain name, example www.myrealestatewebsite.com in a browser to access your website.

2. Do a search for properties in your site, and click on any listing to view the details.

3. Click on a second listing to see its details.  If you see a registration form pop up, then your domain name is not masked and is working properly. However, if you can see the details of more than 1 listing without being required to register, you have a problem with a masked domain.

How to resolve this issue

If you do not want to allow customers to search your site freely and be required to register, there is a simple fix by removing forwarding with masking.

1. Log in to your godaddy account or whatever company you purchased your domain name from.

2. Locate the setting that controls forwarding. There will be 2 options: “forward with masking” or “forward only” (without masking).

3. Select the latter.

4. Test your domain name on your website again to make sure that the automatic registration is enabled.


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