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Get Credit for your Facebook Post

Get Credit for your Facebook Post

When you post on Facebook, are you getting the credit you deserve?

We all want to use social networking and while there are times to just say something silly or share a happy moment, there are also times when we want to remind people what we do for a living and tell them how business is going.

By jut following a few of the simple steps below, you may also increase your business! (In this post I am not telling you what topics to post, I am only sharing features of my sample Facebook post seen below and suggesting that you can do the same.)

1. Make sure you mention your location and state and do not assume everyone knows where you work.

2. Give a little information about how your market is doing, name a big sale you just had or even a new community just being built.

3. Tell people the best way to contact you, I added my phone number to my post, you could also add your email.

4. One of the most important parts of the post was the link to my website which not only adds the text link to my website where customers can do a property search but Facebook also automatically adds a thumbnail photo and description of my site without any help or coding from me.

5. Add your name or your team name somewhere in the post.

6. Keep posts short and to the point. Facebook friends who don’t know you that well are more likely to read a short post that a long one. If you have more to say, write another post!

I am often asked which website I personally link to when posting on Social Media, Craigslist, etc.  I mainly use my www.napleshomesource.com site, which is my fully customized eAgentc site. (All improvements and features were added by my company www.realestateofficepros.com. If you have questions about how to add any of the improvements or features seen on my site, contact us at gary@garykusher.com)


I hope you found this post informative and we invite you to keep coming back to read and learn more.

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All content was created and written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder.

Gary Kusher