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KW Profile Tips and Tricks

KW Profile Tips and Tricks

Getting your profile to 100% is often the first task for new agents. However, it’s important to note that a 100% profile does NOT mean that your websites are set up. The profile has very little effect on the sites. Rather, it powers your custom profile page on kw.com and in the white pages. It is important to have a great profile to increase your chances of getting agent referrals and also of getting new clients through the kw.com website. 

Here are some tricks to make the most of your profile:
1. Use your office address (not home) but put in the zip code of your farm area. This way, anyone searching for an agent by zip code will find you and you won’t have to share a zip with all the other agents in your office!
2. Read carefully how to enter the social media. Most agents do it incorrectly and end up with broken links on their profile page. (n.b. KW only accepts a personalized LinkedIn address, not a public one)
3. Take some time writing your bio and keep in mind that it will be seen by prospects as well as other agents.
4. If you don’t have a blog, enter the URL of your eEdge website in the blank for “blog.” This way, you have links to both websites on your profile.
5. If you have a YouTube video introducing yourself or your team, enter it in the YouTube blank. The video will be embedded to the right of your profile. Don’t have a video? Create one, or use a KW video.

by Britten Treder, Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder