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New! eEdge Alerts and Marketing Stats

New! eEdge Alerts and Marketing Stats

New! eEdge Alerts and Analytics

eEdge has added a few, exciting new features in the past months. First, all agents can now receive a daily summary of contacts that visit the website the previous day. Make sure this is enabled in the eEdge back office under “Activity Alerts.”

Even better, marketing and campaign emails are now tracked by eEdge so agents can view which contacts have opened and/or clicked on links within the emails. If you haven’t checked out this new feature, you should! In the eEdge back office, click on “sent items” under “Email & Reminders” Clicking on “view stats” will show you which contacts opened your email and which ones also clicked on the links in the email.

This is a great way to make constructive changes to your campaigns and marketing. Are your clients more interested in This Month in Real Estate, or new listing blasts? Analyze your click rates to streamline your marketing. 

Quickie Tip Video: What you should know about eEdge marketing

So, you’re using your marketing. GREAT! However, some of your emails may not be seen by clients as you intended. Links that you put into your eEdge marketing and campaign emails are not clickable on iPhones or iPads. Also, some email clients block emails that only contain image files. Learn how to circumvent these issues and get more business in this 5 minute video.

by Britten Treder, Real Estate Office Pros

Britten Treder