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Search Cities in eAgentC

Search Cities in eAgentC

Available Search Areas in eAgentc

Want to customize the search results available to customers on your eAgentC site? The following will show you how to customize your search and exclude certain areas from the search feature on your eAgentC site.  

You can set your search feature to exclude minor cities that are hundreds of miles away if you don’t serve that area and don’t want to deal with referrals to those areas. You can also set the default search to restrict search results to a minimum price range if you are a luxury agent, remove certain types of properties or choose to include pending properties in search results.

Here’s how:

Log in to your eAgentC admin tool from mykw. Once in the eAgentC website administration tool, select  “4.4 Wolfnet Back Office.” Click the button to log in to Wolfnet.

Select “Default Search Settings” from the left side navigation. Depending on your MLS, the options on the page will differ but usually you will see a section called “All Counties” and another called “All Cities” with options for price, status and type of property.

Now look at the list of cities or counties and highlight any that you want to remove from the public search on your website, click the arrows to move those names to the right under the restricted box. Make sure that the little circle marked “exclude” is selected.

Once you have made your selections go to the bottom and click update. Wait a few minutes and check your eAgentc website and those names should no longer appear. Now when a customer does a search, they will only be searching in cities with listings and areas you chose to allow.

As a side note, if you are in a large MLS and there is a major city in your search but it is too far for you to cover personally, we suggest that you leave that city in your search and find a reliable KW agent to refer those customers to.

Written by Gary Kusher Feb 2014

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