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Social Media for Real Estate

Social Media for Real Estate


Facebook business and personal pages are one of the most popular ways to connect with your friends, relatives and acquaintances and keep them posted about Real Estate in your area. Make sure you add links to your website in every post so that potential referrals and customers can view properties online. Tip: Post your new listings, just sold and Real Estate news to Facebook on a regular basis.


Most realtors have a LinkedIn account but use it primarily to host their resume. While this is a great way to show everyone your background and experience, you can also use it to connect with other referral agents, investors and Real Estate professionals like mortgage brokers, lawyers and insurance agents. Tip: Join groups on LinkedIn like your college circle, investors group or Real Estate professionals group and post regularly on topics such as Real Estate News and listings.


Pinterest is a great place to create creative and informative boards about buying, renting or selling, staging, interior design and household tips. Use it to showcase what you’re about and post pictures of your marketing materials to give potential sellers a chance to see how hard you will work for them! Read this informative article from Realtor Mag for more tips.


Though tweets must be short and sweet, you can fit some great newsworthy information in a tweet. Make sure to always include a link to your site or a page on your site if you’d like to show your new listings or just sold properties. Tip: use hashtags like #realestate or #”yourareaname” to target specific groups with your tweets. Read this informative article for more information.


Similar to Facebook and integrated with chat to most gmail accounts, you can post news, information, listings and marketing and easily add contacts from your email to your google+ circles.


This is a great way to get your visual tours, information about yourself and Real Estate news videos out to the public. Tip: make sure you embed your videos to your website so that potential clients can find and watch them easily. We suggest creating a page on your website for each of your listings with information, a link to the listing and a youtube video of the listing. This is also a great way to show sellers that you are serious about marketing their properties.

Remember that whichever social media you choose to focus on, it is worthless unless you are regularly posting and connecting with your audience; you have to be social in order to effectively profit from social media. Also remember to always include links to your website/s in your posts to increase SEO value and help potential clients find you online.

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