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Using Forms with Google Drive

Using Forms with Google Drive

With the new Keller Williams® and Google® partnership, associates using their @kw.com email address have gained access to Google Apps for Business including Google Drive. (Personal gmail accounts also have access to Drive)

Besides the great sharing tools opened up with Google Drive, like sharing spreadsheets, documents and slideshows with your team or with your clients, one tool that I have really enjoyed has been Google’s easy forms.

Using the form creation tool, you can create an open house evaluation and then either print it out for use at the open house, embed it on your real estate website, email it to prospective buyers who visit the open house (this is a great way to get contact information!) or in my preferred method,  ask the questions of each visitor and fill out the form yourself directly on your computer or iPad at the open house. This is a great way to open conversation about what the buyer is looking for, gauge readiness to buy and qualifications and make appointments to show homes with potential buyers.

If you choose to print out the form, make sure to add a call to action for your mobile app!!

Here is a sample form:

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.23.20 AM

Forms completed online are time stamped and answers to the survey questions are tracked on a spreadsheet in Google Drive. Once the open house is finished and surveys are completed, you can quickly view comments and answers to the questions. You can also share the data with your team, the listing agent on the open house (if it’s not you) or even your sellers. Most sellers appreciate honest feedback and potential buyer answers to questions about pricing, perceived value and staging of the home can help you to get price adjustments and minor repairs approved by your sellers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 10.46.23 AM


You should not use Google forms to share any private, personal information or passwords.

Britten Treder November 2013

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Britten Treder