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What’s Your Title?

What’s Your Title?

Everyone knows that titles are very important in business and help define your role in the workplace. While titles like Broker, Broker Associate, Agent or Realtor® help to define you, your website title and page titles help define your website on the worldwide web.

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You can see your website’s title, link and page description by doing a simple Google search. Simply google the name of your website (your website domain name).

Let’s take a look at my site, www.napleshomesource.com Below is what you might see when doing a search, the top line is called your title line, the second line is a link to your domain or site and below that is a title description or page description.


It is really important to create these titles and descriptions in both your eAgentc and eEdge websites.

In your eAgentc website powered by Wolfnet you can make these changes in section 2.4 Edit Site Info. Under the area marked Search Engine Optimization is Page Title; fill in the box to the right of it. Before you do that, give it some thought – are you going to use your name or a generic title like Search Boston? Look at the one in the Google results above and you will see that the words are real estate search terms so try to include words like real estate, homes for sale, search, company name, etc. An example might be: “Search Boston Real Estate For Sale, Bob Smith, Keller Williams Realty”.

Now for the description, we want more real estate related words. The closer your words are to the words the customer inputs, the higher your website will appear in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. On the average you can fit about 25 words in a description where all the words can still be seen when searching.


In eEdge we can do the same by going into Manage eEdge website, under the Website tab make sure you click on Titles and Descriptions and then from the drop down choose Home Page. Here you will change the Page Title and Description to better represent your business -remember to use keywords!



How long will it take the search engines to find my new title and description?

– The answer is not exact, it can be as little as 2 days or a few weeks.

Is this all I have to do to be found on Google?

– This is one of many things that will help you to be found. You can also add page titles and descriptions to other pages like your About Us page, Search page and all of your custom pages.

My website needs more help lead generating, what else can I do?

– There are many ways to add SEO value to your website. We here at Real Estate Office Pros can provide many different options for agents across the country, so if you need assistance we are available for hire. Please click here to view our tech pricing plans.

All content was created and written by Gary Kusher and Britten Treder. Copyright© 2013 If you have questions please contact us at britten@realestateofficepros.com

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