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Why NAR Protects the REALTOR® Trademark

Why NAR Protects the REALTOR® Trademark

Watch the video below to learn why leaders in the association – along with NAR’s business partners, members of the media, and members of the public – need to protect the value of the REALTOR® trademark.

The term REALTOR® is not only a trademark owned by NAR and protected by federal law; it distinguishes members from all others in the real estate business.

advanced tip photoIn the coming months there will be new domain extensions released and they will include .build .condos .home .realestate .realtor and others. The .Realtor extension can only be used by members of NAR. It will show the public who and what we are as a group.


We strongly suggest that if you have a common name, you may want to purchase www.YourName.realtor  before someone else does!

Gary Kusher